Guest-starring Dom DeLuise!

Ben and Pete call out the Muppets and the guest-star for fat-shaming and for not agreeing with their pet thesis that the Muppets are more important than the temporary human visitor. They talk about DeLuise's recipes, Ben's research into Zulu-inspired folk music, and Pete nearly walks off the show due to punnery. Sources and … Continue reading Guest-starring Dom DeLuise!

Guest-starring Madeline Kahn!

Ben and Pete fall into an absolute spiral of film puns, but before they do that, they discuss the legacy and screen presence of Madeline Kahn, Pete's lack of memory, the rivalry between New York's and New Jersey's most iconic troubadours, and how much the internet loves feet. Sources and References: "Happy Feet", as … Continue reading Guest-starring Madeline Kahn!

Guest-starring The Mummenschanz!

Pete and Ben get socked all the way to the Geek Farm, where they discuss this week's appearance of The Mummenschanz, are surprised by the behind-the-scenes origin of The Vendaface, and try to remember that Pete is forgetting everything. Sources and References: Ben compared some of the animal mummery of Mummenschanz to Isabella Rossellini's … Continue reading Guest-starring The Mummenschanz!