Henson Perspective: Guest-starring Ruth Buzzi!

Pete and Ben find some giant legs of mutton to chew on, as well as other topics of conversation: namely, whether Scooter's origin is too far from what his character evolves into, what is or isn't actually a joke, and just how good Ruth Buzzi's Twitter feed is. https://audioboom.com/posts/7958556-henson-perspective-guest-starring-ruth-buzzi Sources and References: Pete makes a … Continue reading Henson Perspective: Guest-starring Ruth Buzzi!

Henson Perspective: Guest-starring Jim Nabors!

Pete takes control of the mic and the guest trivia as he and Ben discuss the second US broadcast of The Muppet Show and which segments worked, along with the vicissitudes of lip-syncing, the inherent comedy of an upright piano, and Disney's warning labels. https://audioboom.com/posts/7951018 Sources and References: The use of "Indian Love Call" in … Continue reading Henson Perspective: Guest-starring Jim Nabors!