For Whom the Liberty Bell March Tolls…

Nathan and I spent some time talking about the theme for the show. He was largely content with it being a copyright-free version of Sousa’s “Liberty Bell March”, because he, quite rightly, felt that the music most associated with Python and, specifically, the Flying Circus should bring people into the show. We also knew, like the hosts of We Got This, that many people skip the theme song or intro if it’s too long or indulgent.

I wasn’t content with just a straight lift of Sousa’s march — and was worried that copyright spiders might not be able to tell the difference between different orchestras performing the same public domain arrangement — so we collaborated on mixing a combination of clips to indicate a progressive culmination of sound… a “Liberty Bell” Perspective, if you will.

Not all of the Archive clips required non-commercial attribution under the Creative Commons license, but we thought we’d do our due diligence anyway. When the Python Perspective theme opens each episode, the music comes from the following sources:

The bell strike comes from a fifth recording, which, despite my efforts to keep track of my sources, I can not source as of the writing of this post. As soon as I locate it, I will edit this accordingly.

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