The Machinations of Memory

In the episode focused on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Ben chastised Anna for her desire to describe the cloaked, hidden machine that produced the Everlasting Gobstoppers as “a Rube Goldberg device”. Ben quickly clambered up on his high horse to disabuse her of that particular description, but in doing so forgot some of the research that had led him to be so sure of himself.

Goldberg had not “recently turned 100”, as his gravestone above clearly indicates, Ben having missed that milestone by a few decades. But it was just the fiftieth anniversary of his death, hence why Ben had done the research in the first place.

He regrets the error, but enjoys being able to point the reading public to a couple more Goldberg resources. A retrospective of a Smithsonian exhibit that was mounted only a few days before Goldberg’s death in 1970 has some resources. Stephen Worth’s Animation Resources website has a collection of about a dozen Goldberg strips reproduced in context of the comics pages they would have appeared on. And an old MentalFloss article reprints a few excerpts from the Abrams collection of Goldberg works, the official page for which has a lovely video demonstrating how the “animated” cover works, with it’s Wonka-esque, Wallace-esque, Pee-Wee-esque, Tim Burton-esque method of making sure your orange juice is freshly squeezed each morning.

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