Guest-starring Candice Bergen!

This episode was originally filmed right before Henson Associates went on holiday, and it is being dropped, delayed, when Ben has finally recovered from one. Enjoy Ben and Pete’s most contentious discussions so far about what landed (or didn’t), and enjoy diversions about The Seventh Seal and disgust about long, long, long legs.

Sources and References:

Ben had a good time delving into aspects of Candice Bergen’s career, so much so that not all of it ended up in the actual trivia section. Excerpts from Knock Wood (erroneously referred to as “Knock, Knock” at one point during the episode, which Keanu would tell you is quite a different thing…) were scraped from the Google Books preview, but the whole book is still available. You can watch the entirety of her appearance on SNL as the first female host, as well as her part as Patsy Straightwoman in the 1969 Woody Allen Special, which is a curious precursor to Ben’s verdict on her game ability to have other people be funny around her. If you’d prefer not to watch the latte for obvious reasons, there is an interesting write-up about it on Splitsider (now consumed by Vulture). Her interview with Barbara Walters is here, where she zeroes in on how the comedic aspects of Starting Over led her to her eventual role on Murphy Brown. Curiously, the bookend to that narrative is an article from when she was doing press for Starting Over at 33, and she talks about, well, starting over…

Other things mentioned in the episode included Candice Bergen’s mother (see above) and John Landis in Muppets Take Manhattan, the fact that the Wikipedia entry for “What Now My Love?” has so, so many entries for who has covered it, that it’s broken down by the alphabet, and bits from two other podcasts got glancing references: “heat-seekers” from Doughboys and The Time-Keeper from Comedy Bang! Bang!

While Ben mentioned that the best you could probably do in terms of Six Degrees of Jim Henson to connect Candy through her “Best Known For” on IMDB was to connect Candice to Michael Caine in Miss Congenialty, Caine to Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Martin to Henson in The Muppet Movie, he found a better link while doing prep on her early career. He watched The Sand Pebbles, Getting Straight, and The Domino Principle to get an idea of her career vibe around the time of her Muppet Show appearance, and her Getting Straight co-star Elliott Gould also appears momentarily in the El Sleazo Cafe in The Muppet Movie.

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