Guest-starring Twiggy!

Ben and Pete hit the catwalk with a twirl and a smize and discussions about whether this episode was produced all at once or cobbled together later, how to reconcile that the show only sporadically engages in continuity, and whether one can ever get used to the weight and movement of long hair.

Sources and References:

There is no shortage of Twiggy content on the internet, including a full entry on the Biography Channel and a documentary about her iconic influence on the late ’60s, but a lot of Ben’s trivia came from reading the opening chapters of Dame Lawson’s 1997 biography Twiggy in Black and White. A description of her “discovery” along with a reproduction of her first newspaper profile in 1966 is recounted by The Daily Drone, and a video of her (long-haired) announcement of her retirement from modeling a short four years later is here.

An excellent view of Twiggy’s first authorized biography, showing her pre- and post-glam images on the front and back cover can be found here (but is reproduced below in case someone buys it). The fictional cover of her in front of a tree is inspired by this video that claims to be Twiggy’s first television appearance, in what appears to be an entertainment news short showing documentary behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot.

Twiggy’s singing, as mentioned, is featured on multiple albums, including the one that was released slightly after this Muppet Show episode that Ben hilariously forgot the name of, Please Get My Name Right. Twiggy’s official YouTube channel features a number of clips from her British television variety show, including a really great rendition of Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen”.

While Ben mentioned that Carrie Fisher was in Blues Brothers in a trivia question, and Pete should have been able to leap from Twiggy to Fisher to Oz in Empire Strikes Back to Henson in any Muppet film, he did not do that thing. However, his Joe Flaherty leap was pretty great. Here’s the Connect The Stars visualization of possible connections:

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