Guest-starring Edgar Bergen!

Pete and Ben break down the episode into A, B, and C plots, where C is for Chicken, and that’s good enough for, well, everyone. Edgar Bergen’s ventriloquist act prompts a discussion about how engaged a puppeteer should be in a scene, Gonzo’s wrestling match prompts googling of how heavy a brick should be, and the quiz prompts the unwrapping of the first prized Lego Muppet minifig.

Sources and References:

The 1975 disco version of “Baby Face” was apparently performed by The Wing And A Prayer Fife And Drum Corps, and the pilot of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour that opened with their own disco — and Ester Williams! — interpretation of the song has also been uploaded to YouTube.

Despite Pete’s claims that the founders Bergdorf Goodman have their own Marvel Wikia entries because of their mention by Janet Van Dyne in Secret Wars, this no longer seems to be the case. A brisk internet search does reveal their presence in a catalogue of Marvel characters’ religious beliefs for that issue, and that the store was the setting for a story in Thor #324, but little beyond that. And in case you’re interested in checking the word count — or changing it! due to the magic of the Wiki format — of the Fandom pages for Edgar Bergen, Ingmar Bergman, or Bergdorf Goodman, they are all still extant as of this writing. As to Pete’s claim that the Joan Rivers scene is “the best scene in the best Muppet movie”, well, you’ll have to judge that for yourself.

“Show Me a Rose”, as performed by Groucho Marx, can be found a couple times on YouTube, but we’re linking to this appearance on the Dick Cavett Show, which has additional for why he sings it, instead of just how. As mentioned, the song appears on the double-album An Evening with Groucho. Speaking of the Marx Brothers, you can judge for yourself whether you think Fozzie’s puppet Chucky is designed, with his stovepipe hat and curly hair, to resemble Harpo.

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