Guest-starring Phyllis Diller!

Pete and Ben hunker down in the Sadness Café and try to tickle the ivories and make them laugh more than Phillis Diller did.  They also talk about how authentic a stand-up comedian needs to be, how great of a sax player Zoot is, and whether it's time to join the great Spotify exodus. reading Guest-starring Phyllis Diller!

Guest-starring Twiggy!

Ben and Pete hit the catwalk with a twirl and a smize and discussions about whether this episode was produced all at once or cobbled together later, how to reconcile that the show only sporadically engages in continuity, and whether one can ever get used to the weight and movement of long hair. Sources … Continue reading Guest-starring Twiggy!

Guest-starring Candice Bergen!

This episode was originally filmed right before Henson Associates went on holiday, and it is being dropped, delayed, when Ben has finally recovered from one. Enjoy Ben and Pete's most contentious discussions so far about what landed (or didn't), and enjoy diversions about The Seventh Seal and disgust about long, long, long legs. Sources … Continue reading Guest-starring Candice Bergen!