Episode 04A: Omnibus Interlude

The next episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus was delayed for two weeks, fifty years ago, so Nathan and Ben bring you a minisode about the programmes that aired its place in the interim.  Tune back in on November 16, when Python is restored to its time slot!


  • “Christopher Isherwood: A Born Foreigner” originally aired on Omnibus on 2 November, 1969.  The IMDB page about the episode is here.
  • Audio from the episode was taken from a YouTube upload of the film by user Brian McDevitt.
  • Posters from the 2009 award season campaign for the adaptation of A Single Man, and — just for fun — the main poster in context amongst other contenders that same year.
  • A few days after Monty Python’s Flying Circus didn’t air, on 5 November, 1969, columnist Milton Shulman published “Whatever Happened to Monty Python?” in the Evening Standard, establishing the cause of the show’s absence.
  • Prince Philip appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on 9 November, 1969, and that interview ran during the Flying Circus timeslot.  Clips from the video can be found variously around the NBC website, with the Prince speaking about The Beatles, the Queen’s absence from her traditional Christmas address, and the strength of the British monarchy.
  • The press photo that was distributed to promote that interview, and the promotional text that accompanied it:

twit - prince philip nbc blurb


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