Episode 05: Man’s Crisis in the Latter Half of the 20th Century

Nathan and Ben go off on tangents about meeting the Pythons in the wild, sped-up film, silent movie techniques, the comic strip “Peanuts”, and police corruption. They also occasionally talk about sketches and moments, and tweak the Monty Python Minute.

Sources and References

On 24 September, 1956, Charles M. Schulz differentiates between “scratch”ing and “skritch”ing.  Years later, people still have difficulty articulating the difference between a “sketch” and a “skit”, so much so that Wikipedia takes it upon itself to clarify the distinction.

The New York Times reviewed the Eric Idle-directed revue “An Evening Without Monty Python” featuring Jane Leeves, Jeff B. Davis, and Alan Tudyk that was performed in New York City on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of Monty Python.

And Archive.org once again comes through in the clutch with the background music that I put on loop for the quiz portion of the Monty Python Minute.  The music is listed as being fully in the public domain and the uploader has been deleted, but I’m enjoying this whole “citing my sources” bit.  Speaking of, the “Game over…” sad trill at the end is from Jared Emerson-Johnson’s soundtrack to the Telltale Games Sam & Max adaptation.  At just under five seconds long, it is less than ten percent of a fifty-five second song, so I hope it falls under fair sampling.

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