Peanuts Cartoon… skritch

On this last weekend’s podcast (Ep. 5: Man’s Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the 20th Century), Nathan dug deep into his childhood and recalled a Peanuts cartoon which, for some reason, he thought of and, even worse, decided to mention. Evidently it was an attempt to add to whatever conversational point wafted through his headphones at that particular moment. Sadly but not unexpectedly, it added very little. But that is NOT THE POINT… *ahem* of this errata entry.

Nathan described the comic as showing Linus “scratching” Snoopy, who wants none of it. The words ‘scratch scratch’ hang in the air above Snoopy’s averting head as comic sound effects are wont to do. Charlie Brown comments that “he doesn’t like being ‘scratched’, he likes being ‘skritched'”. And he then moves his fingers over Snoopy’s scalp with the words ‘skritch skritch’ now hovering in the air to Snoopy’s approving posture.

Well, dang nabbit, he got the characters backwards… see here: skritch-scratch

You’d think Charlie brown would know his own dog, right? Good grief, it’s a hard life.

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