Guest-starring Ruth Buzzi!

Pete and Ben find some giant legs of mutton to chew on, as well as other topics of conversation: namely, whether Scooter’s origin is too far from what his character evolves into, what is or isn’t actually a joke, and just how good Ruth Buzzi’s Twitter feed is.

Sources and References:

Pete makes a reference to what Ben claims is one of Pete’s favorite jokes, one of a series of shamed reversals by the character of Otis in Kicking and Screaming (no, not the Will Ferrell one).

In Brian Jay Jones’ Jim Henson: A Biography, Ben reads a passage about the evolution of Piggy as a character, in part because she stopped being a puppet that could be performed by anyone who was available.

Ruth Buzzi’s Twitter feed remains a masterpiece, and there are many great jokes beyond the ones Pete read. This one, in particular, wouldn’t have worked out at all in an audio format, but makes me chortle, and feels like it came from the mind of someone who, indeed, collects vintage automobiles. For those with pockets deep enough to to be interested in old cars, you may also enjoy her Cameo account. With regard to one of her cars appearing on the cover of Vogue, trust Pete to have picked one of five facts that are listed as “citation needed” on Wikipedia. A quick handful of image searches to try and find a photo of Jessica Simpson in a blue Bentley convertible in the pages of Vogue proved fruitless, so…?

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