Guest-starring Joel Grey!

Ben and Pete experience continuity whiplash as they revisit an episode from earlier in production that doesn’t quite mesh in tone or format with the other episodes reviewed so far.  So they break format as well, and plunge straight through the running order, with only a minor detour where Ryu, Ken, and Gonzo each try to destroy a car as quickly as possible.

Sources and References:

The excerpts of Joel Grey talking about working with various productions were from his 2016 memoir, Master of Ceremonies. His appearance at the end of an episode of the criminally under-remembered show It’s Like, You Know… where he claims that Jennifer Grey, who is playing “actress Jennifer Grey”, isn’t actually his daughter remains a brilliant escalation of the show’s metafiction.

The scene where all the little demons start crying in the film Unico and the Island of Magic continues to crack me up.

There is, indeed a secret level in Street Fighter 2 where you have to try and destroy a car as quickly as possible. However, it doesn’t seem to have a soundtrack by Verdi, nor are you allowed to do it with a sledgehammer.

And, as you can see from Ben’s exploratory foray on Connect The Stars in preparation for this week’s Six Degrees in Sixty Seconds, he wouldn’t have done very much better with trying to find a connection between Joel Grey and Jim Henson.

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