Guest-starring Peter Ustinov!

Pete and Ben muse over Peter Ustinov’s dated ethnic impressions, “One-World” philosophy, and award nominations, while engaging in their own intractable and tangential debate on the value of the French language. Sacre bleu!

Sources and References:

While the character of Turtle Wexler may claim that all famous quotes are either from the Bible or Shakespeare in the immortal The Westing Game, Ben was wrong to assume that was correct with regard to “music soothes the savage breast“. (Ms. Wexler, as it turned out, was incorrect as well, about the source of the line “Let God thy gold refine”.)

Chico Marx playing “Pizzicato” with his signature, flamboyant pistol finger in Animal Crackers (1931) can be seen here, and Marlene Dietrich’s version of “You Do Something to Me” can be listened to here.

Peter Ustinov’s memorable address to the Press Club may be this broadcast from 18 June 1991, where it is described that he “punctuated his remarks with impersonations of public and private figures, including President Bush.”

While Ben skirts around any direct supposition about Cynthia Adler’s departure from The Muppet Show, it remains interesting that her short-lived tenure remains uncommented upon. Similarly, there isn’t a ton of comment about the radio adaptation of The Fantastic Four in which Adler played the Invisible Woman, but you can judge for yourself whether it deserves to be forgotten or remembered.

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