Guest-starring Florence Henderson!

Tonight, our panel discusses questions of lasting importance: Do “pig slurs” deserve to be answered with violence? Was Kermit really flirting with our pal Flo? Is calling Florence Henderson that overly familiar and fundamentally disrespectful? 

Sources and References:

As mentioned, there is an alternate version of “Cottleston Pie” than the melody that appears in the episode. Whatever the musical form of “the uncanny valley” is, listening to this while knowing the other version by heart must be very similar to that phenomenon. The song appears in “In Which Eeyore has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents” by A.A. Milne, which should be required reading.

A Cary Grant fanpage says that the one time Grant actually said “Judy, Judy, Judy” on film was while making Charade in 1963, and he said it just to be able to say that he’d finally said it. Grant can be heard talking about the legendary non-line in an audio excerpt from his “Evening With Cary Grant” speaking tour. The Andy Griffith Show‘s impression of Cary Grant, as mentioned, is just about as “good” as Fozzie’s is.

Ben still can’t really believe that Pete hasn’t watched perhaps the most spectacular and memed clip from Planet Earth.

Most of the trivia questions came from reading Florence’s memoir Life Is Not A Stage, with the obvious exception of the Six Degrees in Sixty Seconds question, which came from IMDB and from Connect The Stars.

As to the question of whether Kermit was flirting with Florence and whether she was encouraging it, we hope to stoke the fires of speculation with this clip of the pair first meeting on the Mike Douglas Show in 1966. Her first reaction is one of fear, but immediately follows it with, “Aren’t you cute?” and a romantic serenade.

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