Guest-starring Florence Henderson!

Tonight, our panel discusses questions of lasting importance: Do "pig slurs" deserve to be answered with violence? Was Kermit really flirting with our pal Flo? Is calling Florence Henderson that overly familiar and fundamentally disrespectful? Sources and References: As mentioned, there is an alternate version of "Cottleston Pie" than the melody that appears in … Continue reading Guest-starring Florence Henderson!

Guest-starring Peter Ustinov!

Pete and Ben muse over Peter Ustinov's dated ethnic impressions, "One-World" philosophy, and award nominations, while engaging in their own intractable and tangential debate on the value of the French language. Sacre bleu! Sources and References: While the character of Turtle Wexler may claim that all famous quotes are either from the Bible or … Continue reading Guest-starring Peter Ustinov!

Guest-starring Lena Horne!

Ben and Pete start down the winding, uncertain path of developing a grand unified theory of whether the Muppet Show is a filmed stage show, a television show within a show, and whether the viewing audience exists in the Muppet Show universe. Oh, and they also review the sketches, guest, etc., etc., per usual. reading Guest-starring Lena Horne!

Guest-starring Ruth Buzzi!

Pete and Ben find some giant legs of mutton to chew on, as well as other topics of conversation: namely, whether Scooter's origin is too far from what his character evolves into, what is or isn't actually a joke, and just how good Ruth Buzzi's Twitter feed is. Sources and References: Pete makes a … Continue reading Guest-starring Ruth Buzzi!